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China online application form



invitaton letter


China online application form https://cova.mfa.gov.cn

Documents check list :
1.         Passport ( new & old if any original )
2.         One Photo original requirement attached
3.         Name card original
4.         Application form original summited on line and print with 2 signatures, China online application form https://cova.mfa.gov.cn
5.         HKID copy , new & old if any
6.         HK landing slip
7.         Apec card copy both side if any
8.         Travel itinerary
9.         Hotel confirmation
China tourist(L) visa application details as follows: (overstayed record cannot apply in HK)
1.         Fill in the China online application formhttps://cova.mfa.gov.cn
2.         Need Original passport with HK valid working visa more than 1 month and at least 2 blank visa pages with HKID card copy
3.         If HK Visitors need HK valid landing slip (more than 1 month)
4.         One color photo with white background - no jewelry, cannot wear glasses, need to see both ears clearly, no teethes and no ear wings
5.         recent photo within 6 months , normally cannot same as the passport (See attached)
6.         APEC card copy (both sides)￿ if any
7.         Last China visa history issued in HK , need to present inside the passport (if any)
8.         Blank new passport need to present the old passport together

If travelling to Afghanistan, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkey before Applicants need to present HK company letter with their full names , passport numbers,

HK company chop and signature to explain the travel purposes and the travel period they stay
China visa need to finger-print in person
Applicant need to fingerprint between 1pm to 2pm after submission , we will help to arrange and assist in Wan Chai China visa Center Exactly time will inform client after pre-check
Normally Visitors can apply China Single or Double entry , except USA or Canada passport can check with us again**Visa approval are subject to China visa office HK approval